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Oral fluid specimen collections

Oral fluid drug test collections

Quantisal™ oral fluid drug test collections are simple and non-invasive to perform and are typically conducted by the employer at the workplace. This offers a number of important benefits to both donors and employers including: 

  • Detects recent drug use
  • Observed, tamper-resistant collections
  • Streamlined results reporting
  • Simple, on-site self-collection process

Observed, tamper-resistant collections

Oral fluid testing requires a small sample that is collected under direct supervision without any invasion of privacy. Because collections are observed, oral fluid testing is considered a tamper-resistant screening method in that it’s difficult for a donor to cheat or adulterate their specimen.  Also, the Quantisal™ sample adequacy window helps collectors know when they have collected a sufficient amount of oral fluid.

Convenient, on-site collections maximize productivity

Oral fluid collections are simple to perform and are typically conducted at the place of employment, eliminating collection fees and reducing lost productivity. For more on how to perform an Quantisal™ collection, take our online oral fluid specimen collection training.

Simple collections

Donors are sometimes unable to void enough urine to be tested in an urine drug screen. Other donors lack the necessary hair to have a hair drug screen performed. But oral fluid is commonly simpler to provide as most every donor is able to provide a sufficient quantity to be tested. Oral fluid drug test collections also help to eliminate gender-based collection site issues or potential invasions of privacy.

We have a number of tools to help you and your collectors better perform your oral fluid collections using Quantisal™ such as step-by-step collection instructions.

Are you an employer who cannot compromise on your workforce drug testing program? Learn more about the value of lab-based oral fluid testing with Quantisal™ through this insightful product highlight.

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