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Outage notice:

Due to the global information outage that occurred Friday, Quest is taking swift action to respond, recover and restore our operations. Our Patient Services are operating with reduced capacity so you may experience longer wait and service times. Our Customer Contact teams are currently unavailable. We appreciate your patience as we work toward returning to normal operations. 


Helping her live her healthiest life

Providing care for women today is a more important calling than ever before. Unique risk-enhancing factors for certain diseases like cardiovascular disease, long-term health implications of conditions like COVID-19, and the politics of reproductive health have all brought a global focus to women’s and reproductive health. Thankfully, there’s you.

You support each woman’s unique wellness, sexual health, and family planning journey

We're here to help at every step, for each patient's unique needs. Our services and support help optimize efficiency, so you can spend more focused time with patients and ensure every patient gets the testing she needs, when she needs it.

Clarity. Our exclusive support offers the transparency to help your office run smoothly

Women’s health service specialists are just a phone call or email away to help:


  • Provide general test information
  • Track test orders and test-result status
  • Order supplies
  • Address billing inquiries
  • Connect you to MDs, PhDs, and DOs for test consultation
  • Offer technical support with lab ordering and accessing test results for your EHR system or our Quanum® platform


1.844.QUESTOB (1.844.783.7862)
Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM–7:00 PM EST




Care. Your patients may have questions—we’ll help answer them

Our Patient Navigators are available to support your patients in many ways.


For Patient Navigators:
For prior authorization assistance:

Confidence. When informed decisions matter, we’re here at every step

Our Genomic Science Specialists are available to consult with you to select appropriate tests and interpret results.

They’ll also directly support your patients looking for post-test consultation on genetic test results from Quest including QHerit® and QNatal®.

1.866.GENE.INFO (1.866.436.3463)
Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-8:00 PM EST



Quest Patient Service Centers make it easier for her to get the testing she needs

With nearly 2,000 Patient Service Centers available nationwide, testing is more accessible, affordable, and convenient.

Find a location

You support every woman’s unique journey—our broad test portfolio supports every type of visit

Helping her make informed reproductive decisions

Your patient’s journey to pregnancy isn’t always clear-cut. The more insights you have, the better you can plan together. We can help minimize uncertainty and get answers you can trust with broad testing and an industry-leading network of fertility experts.

With ReproSource®, you can proactively offer advanced, affordable fertility testing to every couple at risk of infertility.

Tests to consider :

ReproSource® is a national leader in specialty fertility diagnostic services. While ReproSource is a Quest Diagnostics® affiliate, ReproSource and Quest are separate companies. As such, health plan access, test ordering, and billing processes may differ from those of Quest Diagnostics. Please note ReproSource is not a Medicare/Medicaid provider. For more information, please contact ReproSource at 1.800.667.8893 or visit

Guiding healthy pregnancies and outcomes

You support your patients throughout the pregnancy journey with appropriate prenatal care. Our comprehensive testing, including carrier screening and noninvasive prenatal screening, is affordable and accessible to help provide peace of mind.

Tests to consider:

If you are a provider who practices in California, please click here for specific offerings through the California Prenatal Screening Program

Keeping her engaged in overall wellness

Whether your patient comes in for screening tests, vaccinations, education, or counseling, you’re there to help her maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our comprehensive suite of tests helps put you and your patients on the road to making more informed decisions.

Tests to consider:

Protecting her health

An estimated 1 in 5 people have a sexually transmitted infection (STI)1; left untreated, an STI can have devastating consequences on reproductive health. We provide the tests you need to diagnose those who present with symptoms and to deliver the highest quality of care—from testing through follow-up.

Tests to consider:

We make it easier for you to help her live her healthiest life

aOur Supplemental Financial Assistance Program (SFAP) is a unique program available for QNatal, QHerit, and hereditary cancer screening only, for patients who qualify. Please contact your account representative or a Patient Navigator for more information. For all other tests, patients who qualify may access our standard Financial Assistance Program (FAP).
bDetails around our Financial Assistance Program are available here



  1. CDC. CDC estimates 1 in 5 people in the US have a sexually transmitted infection. Updated January 25, 2021. Accessed March 12, 2024.

Putting her health first

We make it easier with clarity, transparency, and answers you can trust.


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