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Genomic & Infrastructure Services

Helping you deliver advanced end-to-end sequencing solutions

Whether screening for a common mutation or performing advanced analytics across the entire genome, next-generation sequencing has become an indispensable tool for clinicians, pathologists, and researchers throughout healthcare and the life sciences. Yet as more organizations come to rely on these breakthrough technologies, many are finding that the technical demands and economics of sequencing can make it challenging to match resources with shifting needs, fluctuating sample volumes, and the rapid pace of innovation. 

Genomic & Infrastructure Services helps bridge this gap by offering access to the most advanced sequencing systems, analytics, and infrastructure tailored to your operation’s workflow, scale, and budget. You get one convenient, predictable answer for everything from sample collection and library generation to advanced analytics and reporting—with proven Quest quality and reliability. 

We offer a customizable suite of molecular genetic solutions for labs or clinics:

Quest Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) makes any lab a full-service provider

Quest world-class capabilities extend beyond the lab to cover all the ancillary infrastructure required to take users from input to impact. From sample logistics, tracking, and biobanking to IT infrastructure, a growing number of labs can have the advantages of Quest’s scale and experience.

Whether looking for a turnkey operation setup, options to grow your laboratory business, or simply to address specific gaps in your portfolio, Genomic & Infrastructure Services offers a single-source supplier for a full range of advanced sequencing technology, expertise, and infrastructure.

Your samples are precious. Automated high-throughput extraction systems help ensure consistent, rapid extraction regardless of sample types (ie, blood, saliva). Extracted samples are barcoded and stored to maintain integrity and allow easy access and follow-up. White glove extraction services can also be provided for nonstandard sample types.

Choose Quest pick-up services and overnight shipping options, or let us handle the blood draw, swab, or other specimen collection at one of our thousands of Quest Patient Service Centers nationwide.

Genomic & Infrastructure Services, with our immense service base and end-to-end integration, can achieve a level of efficiency and economy that few dedicated in-house sequencing facilities can match. Our scale provides efficiency and economy, as well as flexibility to shift volumes, adjust schedules, and adapt protocols—often with faster turnaround and a lower cost-per-run than you can achieve with your own equipment and staff. 

Genomic & Infrastructure Services tracks the relevant industry publications and continually updates our databases to inform the most thorough interpretation and analysis possible. Our algorithms are designed to help cut through the noise and complexity of huge NGS datasets, streamline interpretation, and reveal actionable insights.

Our broad network of advanced laboratories across the US and in Europe helps avoid bottlenecks and provides backup in the event of natural disasters or other service interruptions. Plus, our extensive team of subject matter experts and specialists at each site bring a variety of perspectives and experiences that can help when solving novel challenges or standing up new programs.

Regardless of the size of your organization or lab operation, Genomic & Infrastructure Services gives you all the benefits of our scale and expertise to solve logistical challenges, buffer capacity, and fill gaps in your service offering, making it easier and less capital-intensive to advance your ambitions and explore new frontiers.

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