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2021 Political contributions statement

In 2021, Quest Diagnostics did not use corporate funds, including subsidiary funds, to make contributions to federal, state or local political parties, candidates, campaigns and/or ballot measures. Quest Diagnostics did not knowingly contribute any corporate funds or resources to any political organization or non-profit entity for independent political expenditure purposes in 2021. Quest Diagnostics did not make payments to any industry groups or trade associations in 2021 in excess of $75,000, with the exception of the American Clinical Laboratory Association. Any political contributions made by Quest Diagnostics to promote the interests of the company, are made without regard for the private political preferences of our executives, are aligned with our values, and are reviewed and approved by the Government Affairs Department.

Our Corporate Political Contributions Policy is reviewed by the Quality and Compliance Committee, and we have an internal process in place for ensuring compliance with the policy. The committee, which is entirely composed of independent members of the Quest Diagnostics Board of Directors, regularly oversees the Company’s corporate political activity, including reviewing any corporate political expenditures and payments made to industry groups and trade associations.