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Quest focuses on NSGC 2023

At Quest Diagnostics, we pride ourselves in our support of the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) 42nd annual conference to be held in Chicago, Illinois on October 17-21. We believe in staying at the forefront of genetic testing and counseling advancements. Our support for the NSGC Conference and our active involvement in research highlights our commitment to enhancing patient care through innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. As we participate in the conference, we look forward to sharing knowledge, connecting with industry peers, and contributing to the future of genetic counseling.

Tessa Niemchak, Julia Wilkinson, and Ben Anderson will be presenting their poster “Evaluating the proportion of reportable cfDNA screening results for fetal aneuploidy in pregnancies less than 10 weeks gestation,” (Poster# GGT240). In their retrospective study, the authors assessed the proportion of cfDNA results from samples drawn at GA <10 weeks that met quality control criteria for reporting. Over 180,000 samples were submitted for testing during the study period, 1,294 of which were drawn with GA <10 weeks.

You can join Matt Tschirgi on Tuesday, October 17, in the preconference symposium “You Can Do It, Too! Genetics Content Creation and Science Communication Via TikTok, Instagram, Podcasting, YouTube, LinkedIn and More.” Along with Dena Goldberg, Kira Dineen, Katie Lee, and Izzy Kornblau, this panel will educate genetic counselors and genetic counseling students about creating public-facing media, developing a professional online persona, and creating opportunities to increase our collective influence as a profession.

Zöe Powis, Marc Meservey, Khalida Liaquat, Jonathon Lutz, and Sat Dev Batish took a deep dive into the clinical information and genetic testing results of patients being tested for ANO5-related muscle disease in their poster, “Genetic testing for ANO5 in over 1,300 patients.” (Poster# NEU437).

In their poster “Always Better When We’re Together: A novel, collaborative multi-stakeholder coalition enhances national guidelines for hereditary cancer testing and detection,” Rebecca Johnson, Kelli Conlan and collaborators demonstrate how the INTERACT Coalition has impacted NCCN guidelines®  for hereditary cancer testing through their submission and transparency process (Poster # CAN62).  The authors showed how collaboration amongst a diverse group of stakeholders from industry and patient advocacy groups can increase access to appropriate hereditary cancer testing.

We are excited and honored to present research and information topics that add to the field of genetic counseling. Whether in person or virtually, we are excited to see you at NSGC!


Zöe Powis, MS, CGC