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My Quest Story - Lita Brown

My journey to Quest Diagnostics began when my life changed in an instant. Through most of my career, I worked in factories. I enjoyed the physical work, managing time budgets, and the camaraderie of working together as a team to achieve our goals. I found that reaching a leadership role came naturally to me due to my communication skills, attention to details, and reliability. In 2006, it all changed when I was involved in a horrible work accident, that left me disabled and faced with a 20 lb-weight restriction on my left side. Eventually, I was laid off from that company.

After cycling through some unsatisfying odd jobs to earn an income, I was presented with the opportunity to work at Quest Diagnostics. Despite not having experience with logistics driving, they decided to take a chance on me and finally found the job satisfaction I was seeking in my career.

The work we do in the logistics department is necessary for the patient to get from a medical situation to receiving valuable information from their doctor. We are the conduit for the results. As a Route Service Representative (RSR) advanced, I have learned how important every single aspect of our job really is. Each specimen is important, and using detailed accuracy is vital for achieving successful transport. My current leadership provides me with the guidance, knowledge, and, most importantly, the support I need to get the job done. This gives me a sense of purpose and makes the job itself rewarding, and gratifying. When joining Quest Diagnostics, I did not realize how large the company is. They have so many opportunities to expand and develop within your career.             

I’m grateful that the experience and learnings from my factory work can be applied to my RSR role. Working to achieve my goals is very meaningful work, and so I’m enjoy a much more rewarding experience.