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Limitations of Point-of-Care Drug Testing

Limitations of Point-of-Care Drug Testing

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Drug testing plays a critical role in combating the drug misuse epidemic. There are 2 main methods of clinical drug testing: presumptive testing, which includes rapid point-of-care (POC) devices as well as more sensitive laboratory immunoassays; and definitive testing, which uses highly complex laboratory instruments to identify and quantify prescription medications, illicit substances, and specific parent drugs and their metabolites, often missed by POC testing.

In today’s podcast episode, Quest Drug Monitoring & Toxicology experts will cover:

  • Overview of the different types of drug testing
  • Limitations of point-of-care drug testing
  • Quest best practices for responsible drug testing


Jeff Gudin, MD, Senior Medical Advisor at Quest Diagnostics

Jack Kain, PharmD, Medical Science Liasion at Quest Diagnostics


Posted: May 24, 2023


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