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White paper: Cell and Gene Therapy

White paper

Advanced AAV antibody testing: Pioneering precision in gene therapy

Gene therapy is advancing rapidly, with adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors at the forefront, offering hope for patients with genetic disorders.


This white paper is free and can be downloaded and read at your convenience.

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Transforming care with precision: pioneering precision in gene therapy

The success of these therapies hinges on a crucial aspect that can no longer be overlooked—immunogenicity. "Advanced AAV antibody testing: Pioneering precision in gene therapy" examines the complex interplay between AAV vectors and the immune system.

Our white paper provides an exploration into the challenges and innovative solutions to AAV immunogenicity. With immunogenicity being a potential barrier to therapeutic success, it's imperative for pharmaceutical developers to be equipped with the knowledge and strategies to mitigate these obstacles. This document serves as a cornerstone, paving the way for safer and more efficacious gene therapies by emphasizing the importance of AAV antibody testing as part of the regulatory approval process.

Through a blend of scientific insight and practical guidance, this white paper elucidates the best practices for immunogenicity assay and companion diagnostic development, emphasizing the need to initiate this crucial step early in the development process. It also highlights the sophisticated assay types employed by Quest Diagnostics to tailor antibody detection to each unique therapy, setting the industry standard for precision.

Quest Diagnostics is not just a collaborator but a leader in AAV antibody testing, ensuring that gene therapies not only reach their therapeutic potential but also gain swift regulatory approval. Our white paper equips you with the knowledge to navigate this complex landscape confidently.

Are you ready to pioneer precision in gene therapy? We invite pharmaceutical partners and industry innovators to download "Advanced AAV antibody testing: Pioneering precision in gene therapy." Gain the insights needed to stay at the vanguard of gene therapy development and contribute to the transformative impact on patient lives.

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